Ingredients Glossary

Hemp Seed Oil

 What it is: By cold-pressing the ripened seeds of hemp plants, Hemp Seed Oil is born.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Protecting skin from the causes of aging, Hemp Seed Oil also treats common skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. By preventing hair from absorbing too much water, Hemp Seed Oil can also prevent hair breakage.

Used in: All of our topical products 


Vitamin E Oil

 What it is: Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects versus a single vitamin. Vitamin E Oil combines this group of vitamins known as vitamin E with a base oil such as sunflower oil.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Vitamin E Oil moisturizes skin, prevents or treats fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents or minimizes the appearance of scars. Vitamin E Oil also stimulates hair growth.

 Used in: Sweet Mary J, Sweet Mary J Light


Aloe Vera Oil

 What it is: Aloe Vera Oil is the result of soaking either aloe vera leaves or gel in a carrier oil, which then extracts active ingredients and nutrients.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Aloe Vera Oil is both a skin and hair specialist. Providing young, soft, and clear skin, Aloe Vera Oil also prevents dandruff.

 Used inSweet Mary J, Sweet Mary J Light


Chamomile Oil

 What it is: Extracted from the daisy-relation chamomile plant, Chamomile Oil is an essential oil made from the flowers of the plant.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Chamomile Oil relieves skin irritation and eases skin conditions such as eczema or rashes. Diminishing the appearance of scars, marks, and spots on the skin, Chamomile Oil protects cuts from becoming infected. Chamomile Oil also nourishes and conditions hair.

 Used inSweet Mary J, Sweet Mary J Light


Nettle Oil

 What it is: Extracted from Urtica diocia, also known as stinging nettle, devil’s nettle, or hemp nettle, Nettle Oil is an essential oil.

 How it benefits hair and skin: For glowing skin and hair, Nettle Oil can help with skin irritations or baldness. Boosting hair growth and enhancing hair quality, Nettle Oil also stimulates blood circulation – essential for healthy roots. Suppressing inflammation, Nettle Oil acts as salve on the skin.

 Used inSweet Mary J, Sweet Mary J Light


Castor Oil

 What it is: A vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of the castor bean. Castor oil has been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Working as an emollient, castor oil smooths skin, making it feel softer. Increasing blood vessel dilation, castor oil is believed to stimulate hair growth.

 Used inSweet Mary J, Sweet Mary J LightCoconut Gold


 Peppermint Oil

 What it is: An essential oil derived from the peppermint plant, peppermint oil has soothing and medicinal properties.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Peppermint oil both stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Antimicrobial, vasodilating, and anti-inflammatory, peppermint oil increases blood circulation. Balancing the pH level of the skin, peppermint oil helps balance the production of oils.

 Used inSweet Mary J


Jojoba Oil

 What it is: Jojoba is a shrub native to northern Mexico, California, and Arizona with an oil-like wax inside, also known as jojoba oil.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Easily absorbed by the skin, jojoba oil creates a dewy finish without a greasy feel. Stimulating hair growth, jojoba oil unclogs hair follicles.

 Used inCaribbean Dream


Palm Fruit Oil

 What it is: Harvested from the seed of the Palm fruit.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Acting as a conditioning agent, palm fruit oil simultaneously moisturizes and cleanses hair. Removing oil, dirt, and dandruff, palm fruit oil works well in both its conditioning and cleansing roles. 

 Used inCaribbean Dream


Coconut Oil

 What it is: Coconut oil is derived from the white flesh of the coconut.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Reducing protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair, coconut penetrates hair more effectively than other oils, resulting in soft and lustrous hair. Coconut oil improves any inflammatory skin conditions and helps skin retain moisture.

Used inCoconut Gold


Black Seed Oil

 What it is: Extracted from N. sativa seeds, black seed oil has been a part of traditional medicine for more than 2,000 years.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Black seed oil hydrates hair, softens skin, and acts as a moisturizer. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties can help improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Used inMango Magic 


Argan Oil

 What it is: Derived from the kernels of Morocco’s argan tree, argon oil is used for a variety of cosmetic purposes.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Loaded with unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil hydrates the hair, prevents water loss, and protects the hair follicles from damage due to free radicals. With anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil helps control the skin’s oil production and soothes reactive skin.

Used in: Hemp Beard Wash


Perilla Seed Oil

 What it is: Extracted from the seeds of the Perilla Frutescens, also known as “Wild Basil”, perilla seed oil is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory oil.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Perilla seed oil’s emollient properties allows the skin to quickly absorb the oil, relieving itching. Eliminating any bacteria that can cause inflammation, perilla seed oil is a natural antiseptic. It may even help restart the growth of hair.

 Used inMango Magic  


Bees Wax

 What it is: Produced by worker bees forming a honeycomb, bees wax contains vitamin A.

 How it benefits hair and skin: With little chance of irritating the skin or clogging pores, bees wax is great for most users. Keeping beards soft and shiny, bees wax can also be used to style a beard into a desired shape.

 Used inMango Magic 


Shea Butter

 What it is: Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, shea butter is widely used as a moisturizer, salve, or lotion.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Shea butter conditions dry and brittle hair. With a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids combined with its user-friendly consistency, shea butter is ideal for soothing and conditioning the skin.

 Used inMango Magic  


Mango Seed Butter

 What it is:
Similar to cocoa and shea butters, mango seed butter is derived from the seed of the mango tree, which is a tropical fruit tree native to South Asia.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Like cocoa and shea butters, mango seed butter moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy. With high levels of antioxidants and vitamins, mango seed butter is ideal as a protectant against the sun’s rays. Mango seed butter’s emollient nature seals and protects hair.

Used inMango Magic 



 What it is: Water, aka H2O

 How it benefits hair and skin: By helping to emulsify, or blend, the ingredients of our Beard Wash, water makes it easier to pour the wash into your hands.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash



Coconut Oil Blend (Cocamidopropyl Betaine-CAPB)

 What it is: Cocamidopropyl betaine-CAPB is sourced from coconut oil.

 How it benefits hair and skin: A surfactant, cocamidopropyl betaine-CAPB is a foam booster in our Beard Wash. In other words, it makes the wash lather in your beard. Because it is a medium-strength surfactant, it interacts with water while bonding with dirt and oil while also reducing irritation common in purely ionic surfactants. It is also an emulsifying agent and thickener. Without irritating the skin or mucous membranes, cocamidopropyl betaine-CAPB is an antistatic hair conditioner.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Coconut Blend (Sodium Taurine Cocoyl Methyltaurate)

 What it is: The soft white paste from a coconut, sodium taurine cocoyl methyltaurate is the salt of the coconut fatty acid amide of N-methyltaurine.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Acting as both a surfactant and a foaming agent, sodium taurine cocoyl methyltaurate is a nice alternative to harsh silicones. Allowing water and oil to mix, it helps remove dirt and oil from the hair and skin.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Coconut Oil & Sugar Mixture (Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate)

 What it is: Disodium cocoyl glutamate is derived from coconut oil and fermented sugar.

 How it benefits hair and skin: With wonderful cleansing and foaming properties, this gentle cleanser is great for sensitive and allergic skin types. Making skin appear supple and moist, this cleanser also serves as a hair cleanser without causing dry or rough results.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Coconut Oil Mixture (Cocamide MEA)

  What it is: Cocamide MEA is made by mixing coconut oil’s fatty acids with monoethanolamine (MEA).

  How it benefits hair and skin: Serving multiple purposes in our Beard Wash, cocamide MEA works as a thickener, foaming agent, and emulsifier. Mainly used to thicken our wash, it also enhances the properties of the surfactants in our wash, improving the cleansing quality.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Caffeine Mixture (Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate)

 What it is: The salt of lauroyl sarcosine is produced by breaking down caffeine or creatine. Thus, the name sodium lauroyl sarcosinate.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Both a foaming agent and surfactant, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate also serves as a hair conditioning agent. By improving body, suppleness, and sheen, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate enhances the appearance and feel of the hair. And by bonding with dirt and oil, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate cleans the skin and hair.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Coconut & Corn Mixture (Decyl Glucoside)

 What it is: Sourced from corn and coconuts, decyl glucoside is all natural. Derived from coconuts and corn starch, decyl glucoside is a combination of plant-based fatty alcohol.

 How it benefits hair and skin: A mild and gentle surfactant, decyl glucoside does not dry the skin, making it an ideal Beard Wash. A natural cleanser, decyl glucoside lowers the surface tension of water thanks to its neutral charge.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash



  What it is: Polyquaternium-28 is obtained from cellulose, made from PVP and methacrylamidopropyl trimethylammonium chloride.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Providing conditioning and manageability to hair, polyquaternium-28 also has antimicrobial properties. Neutralizing the negative charges of our Beard Wash, polyquaternium-28 helps hair lie flat. And the positive charge helps bond it to the hair and skin.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Coconut Oil Mixture (PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate)

 What it is: PEG glyceryl cocoate is produced from coconut oil-derived fatty acids.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Acting as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. By reducing the surface tension of our Beard Wash’s ingredients, this coconut oil mixture helps form emulsions on this skin. It serves as an emulsifying agent, surfactant, emollient, and skin conditioning agent.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Glycol Distearate

 What it is: Originally sourced from vegetables such as canola oil and bean oil, glycol distearate is now produced artificially by processing stearic acid, which occurs naturally. A diester of stearic acid and ethylene glycol, glycol distearate is a chemical element, as well as a colored waxy solid.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Glycol distearate serves two purposes in our Beard Wash. First, it serves as a moisturizer. And it also produces a pearlescent effect. Since ancient times, it has been a part of herbal remedies to treat the skin.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Salt Sodium Chloride)

 What it is: Sodium chloride is also known as Table Salt.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Helping formulate our Beard Wash, sodium chloride increases the thickness of the aqueous nature of the wash. This way, the wash won’t pour over your hands and down the drain, but instead our wash will gel in your hands, allowing you to apply it to your beard.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Rapeseed Oil Mixture (Behentrimonium Methosulfate BMS)

 What it is: Derived from the oil of rapeseed, behentrimonium methosulfate is also known as BMS.

 How it benefits hair and skin: By penetrating hair up to the hair shaft, rapeseed oil derivative can moisturize and condition hair to the roots, making it healthier and easier to comb and maintain. BMS also acts as an emulsifier, helping the oils and water in our Beard Wash blend.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Lauryl Lactate

 What it is: A naturally occurring organic acid, lauryl lactate is also known as a hydroxy acid (AHA).

 How it benefits hair and skin: By acting as a pH adjuster, lauryl lactate keeps excessive acidity or alkalinity of our Beard Wash in check. While stabilizing our Beard Wash, lauryl lactate also conditions the skin.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Guar Gum from Guar Bean (Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride)

 What it is: Derived from plants of the guar bean, guar gum is part of the legume family.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Useful as both a hair conditioning agent and a skin conditioning agent, guar gum also improves the shelf life of our Beard Wash. Stabilizing the other ingredients, guar gum serves multiple purposes.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Butylene Glycol

 What it is: A clear, colorless liquid, butylene glycol is part of a class of alcohols.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Butylene glycol is used as a solvent and viscosity-decreasing agent in our Beard Wash, allowing other ingredients to form a solution. Basically, butylene glycol makes it possible to rub the Beard Wash into one’s beard.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash



 What it is: Sourced from plants, including soybeans and palm, glycerol can be obtained from both plant and animal sources.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Because glycerol prevents dryness, it is often used by people with sensitive or easily irritated skin. By drawing moisture into the skin layers, glycerol prevents or slows evaporation and the subsequent drying. Plus, glycerol features antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Sodium Benzoate

 What it is: Sodium benzoate is a salt of benzoic acid, which is found naturally in a variety of foods such as cranberries, honey, and snap beans.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Used as both a fragrance and a preservative in our Beard Wash, sodium benzoate improves the efficacy of the wash by keeping the product stable in its packaging.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Citric Acid

 What it is: A natural ingredient found in plants, citric acid is common in citrus fruits, especially in lemons.

 How it benefits hair and skin: In addition to helping preserve our Beard Wash, citric acid also aids as a hair fixative, a skin astringent, as well as an emollient. A skin conditioner, citric acid serves a variety of roles in our Beard Wash.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


B Complex Vitamin Derivative (Dexpanthenol)

 What it is: A derivative of pantothenic acid, which is a B complex vitamin, dexpanthenol is considered a medication.

 How it benefits hair and skin: A moisturizer, dexpanthenol treats and prevents dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin. Considered an emollient, dexpanthenol can also treat minor skin irritations by softening and moisturizing the skin.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Disodium EDTA (EDTA-2Na)

 What it is: When produced as several salts, EDTA becomes EDTA-2Na, also known as disodium EDTA.

 How it benefits hair and skin: We use EDTA salts as a sequestering agent to improve our Beard Wash’s stability when it is exposed to the air. It acts as a kind of a preservative. By improving the stability, we also improve the efficacy of our Beard Wash.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash


Hexamidine Diisethionate

 What it is: The organic salt of hexamidine, hexamidine diisethionate is soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvents.

 How it benefits hair and skin: By functioning as a preservative, hexamidine diisethionate not only helps cleanse the skin, but it also destroys and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and yeast, thus preventing odor.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash



 What it is: A proprietary blend, parfum is the fragrance of the beard wash.

 How it benefits hair and skin: Providing a scent you’ll love, our parfum is created with care and consistency. Knowing the scent will literally linger just beneath your nose, we composed a scent with your interests and your lifestyle in mind.

 Used inHemp Beard Wash

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