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Coconut Gold Hemp Oil

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Our unique Hemp Beard oil is enriched with multiple nourishing ingredients that will strengthen and moisturise your beard and skin. Hemp seed oil is rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 which are necessary in stimulating hair growth. This oil works as a conditioner and moisturiser that will boost beard health and prevent irritation and dryness. Great for winter usage as it helps combats cold, damaging outdoor air.

Coconut Gold is part of our premium high growth range, packed with 1000mg pure Hemp seed oil which stimulates new hair growth by aiding in the formation of Keratin. To accompany the high growth attributes Hemp seed oil has, we have combined it with Castor oil which is best known for its growth stimulating properties. Coconut oil retains your beards natural moisture, adding sheen and nourishing your skin beneath. This oil is perfect for those who are trying to achieve a fuller beard and for those with established thicker beards. 

For best results use daily. Apply 1-3 drops of oil in to your hands. Distribute through damp cleansed facial hair, making sure to work through to the skin. For additional benefits, apply to your T zone to moisturise your face. 

Additional benefits - Can be used to stimulate growth on the scalp

1000mg Pure Hemp Oil - Infused with Full Spectrum HempExtract expertly blended with Coconut Oil and Castor Oil

Natural Coconut Fragrance 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Clarence A.d. Miller
Naturally Coconutty

Not as thick as the sweet Mary J. (But still thick though). This oil is another great one from this company. I enjoy the natural coconut smell.👍🏿

As his missus, I'm impressed!

I bought this for my partner as he's been trying to grow a full beard for a few years but one area never ever grows, underneath his jaw. It really annoys me so after seeing the youtube channel and insta reviews I decided to purchase. Now he keeps looking in the mirror and saying how much darker under his jaw/chin has become. Hair is actually coming through!! He will be sticking to this so thank you for this miracle in a bottle.

Chibueze M
Lovely 😊

It feels really good, keeps my beard shinning all day.
unlike others that cause breakout on my face, this gold Coconut hemp oil doesn’t.
I apply it on my face as well.
(I feel the bottle should be made bigger 🤣)
In general, I will give it a 5 ⭐️

Neal Benjamin

Good with no strong coconut scent. Very light texture

Bo0giedown Brown
Nice and Smooth

Whilst I bought this out of necessity, I am always happy to try something new, especially from a brand I like. All of my usual 'flavours' had run out in-store to it left me with no choice other than to get this Coconut Hemp oil. I'm not a fan of hemp, the smell makes me gag a little, but I appreciate that the biological benefits are many. The oil is as they say, 'lightly' scented with coconut to the point where it's bare noticeable. I'm uncertain whether its my distaste for hemp or the lightness of the coconut scent which prevails. In either case the oil is extremely light, smooth and pleasant to wear.

I don't have a beard, but a goatee and some afternoon stubble, which if I don't maintain turns into wire-wool. This oil is a welcome addition to my beard game. It's great, but wouldn't choose this option again.

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