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5 Tips For Beard Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy beard is not an easy task and can at times feel like an uphill battle. It takes more than good products to keep your facial hair in tip top shape. Here are five simple steps you can implement to improve your beard health. 1. Wash Your Beard Regularly Your beard is exposed to a lot during the day. Food spillages, sweat, and oil build up can lead to poor hygiene. Make washing your beard a daily priority. Not all beard washes or shampoos are suitable for daily use. Many contain Sulphates which will strip your beard of its natural oils. Our Hemp Beard wash is Sulphate free and made from naturally derived ingredients. This ensures your natural oils...

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Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Welcome to the BeardGang Members Newsletter where we offer grooming advice, beard growth hacks, as well as Hemp and CBD news. In today’s edition of our newsletter, we cover the benefits of hemp seed oil for the skin and hair. Read on to learn how this versatile oil can protect your skin and hair, treat skin conditions, and improve hair density.

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Interview with Black Culture News

The BGM Founder sat down with Black Culture News for an exclusive interview.  This week we interviewed Adam who is the black-owner of BeardGangMembers. The Business was established in 2019 with one goal in mind to transform and revolutionize mens grooming. Crafted hemp products are unlike anything you’ve used before. Where was you born? Born and raised in London what made you start a beard brand? I have always been an entrepreneurial person. When I was in school I would buy sweets at Costco wholesale and sell them in the playground. I made good money as an 11 year old. I previously created a Fitness Brand which I found to be challenging as fitness apparel is a saturated market. I...

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'As seen in GQ' May Edition

Check out our feature in GQ Magazine May Edition. BGM was also featured on GQ Shops, grooming must-haves                  

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