Interview with Black Culture News

The BGM Founder sat down with Black Culture News for an exclusive interview. 

This week we interviewed Adam who is the black-owner of BeardGangMembers. The Business was established in 2019 with one goal in mind to transform and revolutionize mens grooming. Crafted hemp products are unlike anything you’ve used before.

Where was you born?

Born and raised in London

what made you start a beard brand?

I have always been an entrepreneurial person. When I was in school I would buy sweets at Costco wholesale and sell them in the playground. I made good money as an 11 year old. I previously created a Fitness Brand which I found to be challenging as fitness apparel is a saturated market.

I have had a beard for a long time, however I didn’t always take such great care of it. The reason for this was due to the fact that not many male grooming brands appealed to me. They were mainly marketed toward European hairstyles. I ended up using face creams to provide moisture for my beard which was not good enough. I decided to create a solution to my problem and BeardGang Members was born October 2019. I have always been an advocate of the healing and nutritional values Hemp has to offer, therefore It had to included as a staple ingredient in all products.

Tell us more about your product?

BeardGang Members specialises in Hemp based beard oils and grooming products. Hemp is rich in Omega acids which are vital in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Hemp also boasts other properties which encourage the new formation of Keratin (The protein that hair is made of).

We combine Hemp with various other oils which compliment it and ensure healthy growth and a softer, fuller beard.

How has your product changed your life?

BeardGang Members products have reshaped my morning routine. Before each morning I used to spend very little time taking pride in my appearance. Now, each morning I take great care using the Hemp Beard Wash to cleanse my beard, and I use the oils to lock in moisture. I have noticed a difference in the way others view my beard now that it is tidy and well kept. Others have had similar experiences.

Whats the future for beardgangmembers?

In the near future we are launching a lighter, unscented version of our best seller Sweet Mary J, and also the Hemp Beard Wash. We are excited to add these additions to the collection as there has been a great deal of anticipation. In the more distant future we are looking to expand our product range offering a wider variety of Hemp based grooming products.

To go along side the grooming products, we will also be releasing limited edition BGM Brand products. We currently have BGM Antibacterial Face Mask available.

Whos one person you would like to work with?

James Harden because he has a phenomenal beard and I often get told we look alike!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years time BeardGang Members will be an established global brand with mainstream store presence. The go to brand for The Black Culture.



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