BGM Press Release

BeardGang is now Expanding from Grooming and lifestyle to Clothing and Music

BeardGang is a popular men’s grooming company from London.

BGM (BeardGang Members) is a brand that specializes in helping men grow healthy beards. So far, BGM has helped over 20,000 men grow their beards. The brand uses hemp products, which improve hair condition and contributes to keratin formation for more robust and healthier strands, leaving men with thicker and fuller beards. 

Hemp is not only used to improve the state of hair but also has a lot of health benefits—hemp seed oil guards against wrinkles while deeply moisturizing itchy and dry skin.

Check out the products from BGM at BeardGang Members.

BGM presented its products at the Black Pound Day store in Europe’s biggest shopping mall, Westfield Shepherds Bush. The main goal of BGM is to transform and revolutionize men’s grooming. The hemp products tap into mother nature’s deepest secrets to discover a world of nutrients that will leave the skin and hair revitalized.

The slogan of BGM is “Connecting Brands since 2019”

The BGM brand has branched out and now specializes in clothing and music. The group launched BGM records and introduced their debut artist A1 Rico in March 2022. So far, the group has had three releases, all of which were played on well-known UK radio stations, including BBC1xtra, Kiss FM, and Rinse FM.

Listen to A1 Rico’s latest rap freestyle, “Charged Up,” here.

Recently, the modern man has required a brand that can fulfill all their needs, from grooming and music to clothing. The BGM group launched a high-quality clothing range that includes Spaceman Jerseys and Joggers in black and grey.

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Quote from Adam White-Johnson, CEO of BGM group “We are the go-to brand for the modern man. Fulfilling your needs in all aspects of your life. Grooming, music, and clothing. We have you covered.”

BGM is changing the way people buy clothing. Similar to watches, a wearable investment, “Spaceman-Moon Balloon” NFT has been created and is distributed to all customers that buy the BGM Spacesuit. The NFT offers special access to branded content, pre-release sales, and VIP tickets to concerts.

About BeardGang Members.

BGM formulates premium products that are class-leading and healthy for the customers. The company aims to work with the body’s natural chemistry to ensure that hair and skin remain balanced and healthy. The products condition and nourishes hair and skin. Sulfates, silicons, and other artificial ingredients are avoided in the processing of the products to maintain harmony with the human body. Hemp and natural oils are used to keep the human body healthy.

The clothing and music group was based on successes the company saw in their products and decided to provide a platform for men to find everything in the same place.

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