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The Story Behind BGM

Hi BeardGang Members
I, just like many of you, have struggled over the years to find the right products to care for my beard. I have used various brands over the years and found that they dried out my beard and/or the skin beneath. I reluctantly resorted to relying on face creams to provide moisture however this was still unsatisfactory. I decided to take action, and create a range of beard care products that I would personally buy and use every day. 
Historically Hemp has been a taboo subject in the media, however with the legalization of Cannabis products in the US and recently the UK, sentiment has changed. I have always been a strong advocate of Hemp due to the incredible healing properties the plant possesses. Now you can benefit from this magical oil which we have carefully blended with a selection of carrier and essential oils to provide maximum benefits for your hair and skin. 
Thank you for reading and welcome to The BeardGang Membership
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